Here are our Top 5 most viewed #BVOFTogetherAtHome videos. We would enjoy hearing which one is your favorite? Maybe it was one that didn’t make the Top 5.


Number 5: Amy Gillen & Tara Viscardi Perform “Inisheer”



Amy Gillen: Insta | Facebook

Tara Viscard: Website | Insta | Facebook


Number 4: Rory Dunne’s Practical Guide To Enjoying Opera During Lockdown



Rory Dunne: Insta | Facebook

Number 3: Ciaran Meeting of the Waters


Number 2: Gulfshore Opera’s Elixir of Love – Anthony Kearns



Anthony Kearns: Website | Facebook

Number 1: The BVOF Chorus Performs The Anvil Chorus

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The Blackwater Valley Opera Festival, centered in Lismore, Co. Waterford, is held in the breathtakingly beautiful surroundings of Lismore Castle and Historic Houses on the shores of the scenic Blackwater River.

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